Behemoth Room

On entering the restaurant, turning left and passing the bar, you will go to the Hall of literary Behemoth full of cultural surprises.

Sculpture Behemoth

One of the heroes of the team Wolanda of the most popular books of Mikhail Bulgakov looks at visitors from the ceiling – about the same sculpture professor. Anna Wysocka read more here, in the description of the room, we will focus on other elements.

Quietly just we mention two things about it: the first is that the opening of the restaurant before we visited a number of children … We checked, how they react, apprehensive as collect – or at any rate – quite monstrous, but the definitions, a “how cool cat “really guarantee that there is nothing to fear.

The second secret is that when you hang more than 140 kg sculpture took part in six adult men. First, the four tried to hang her, but when you do not give advice, more people moved to help. Imagine, therefore, how difficult it was to carry out the whole operation …

Master and Margarita Library

We escape but the rest of the Room of Behemoth. On the wall opposite the sites of windows is a library Master and Margarita. It is home to the more than 2,000 volumes of books available to guests, who have library cards. Among the books – the canon of world literature, and many other interesting items.

Two mysterious door

Near the library there are two doors – and worth a visit to one room, and to the other.

Behind the right door is small patio. Area in the middle of this over 600 year old building was in fact organized a small space (approx. 5 to 4 m), where there is the possibility of renting a table … just for two. Patio sneak peek of the stairs going to the Hall of Nautilus, unless of course it will be curtains exposed.

The second door leads to the toilet …. It would be too mundane to be found in the description of this room, right? Well, no … it’s just there are works of well-known Torun artist, Andrzej Poprostu. Characteristic for him, he drew the Team of Woland.

It is worth a visit every corner of our restaurant, because as you can see, in the least expected places you can hit the special things!

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