Behemot Sculpture

One of the two statues in the restaurant Master and Margarita – coincided with the Behemoth from the Woland team.

Behemoth in the literature

Behemoth for the first time in literature debuted in the Book of Job – that’s where it constituted proof of Jehovah’s creative powers. There, however, the researchers believe the Bible, was depicted as a hippopotamus or elephant.

Behemoth was in fact the cat only thanks to the book The Master and Margarita. As a member of the entourage Woland could also turn into a human being.


And it is in the form of a cat his sculpture prepared by Anna Wysocka,. proffesor of Art Department at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Weighing more than 140 kg sculpture was prepared steel components. Among them, dry eye will see, among others, number of gears used in bicycles.

Interesting facts

We showed before the opening of the sculpture friends who have small children. We wanted to see if there is concern that children fear to go over quite sophisticated works of art.

When we heard numerous feels like “How cool cat is that” got rid of concerns about unfavorable treatment of the work of our friend, prof. Anna Wysocka.

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