Margarita Sculpture

Monumental, leaning out furtively in the vicinity of the front door. Sculpture  of Margarita is located in the restaurant bar.

Margarita book

– It’s vodka? – A weak voice asked Margarita. (…)
– For God’s sake, Queen – croaked – if I dare to pour vodka lady? It’s pure alcohol.

So Margarita replied Behemoth before the Ball in the novel by Mikhail Bulhakov. And Margaret, after drinking a drink, flew away on a broom.


It is the figure rising Margarita appears on the sculpture of Anna Wysocka, a professor of the Faculty of Arts UMK. She prepared a monumental sculpture, and then – as admitted – became involved in creative work very emotionally.

As was admitted at the hanging sculptures, creating it gave her a lot of elements upodabniających the sculpture to … herself.

Asymmetric Margarita steel sculpture weighs more than 100 kg, and its performance artist took a few months.

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