Change time and transfer to the reality of famous novel Jules Verne and take advantage of the room located in the basement of the Nautilus.

Torun basements are full of secrets …

Torun Old Town hides in his basement more than one secret. Some of Torun maintain even that in the 80s a complex system of underground corridors allowed to travel between the two main squares: Old Town and New Town, without leaving the underground route.

Our over 600-years-old building located at Szewska Street 15-17 was not – to our knowledge – in this system. It does not change the fact that it has its own history, which is now rewrites in Verne’s novel.

Verne’s Nautilus

Fictitious submarine, found in two novels by Jules Verne: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island is one of the most deeply rooted in the culture of fictional places created for literature.

Behold, in 1954 podel Nautilus debuted in… Disneyland. Adaptation boats also developed for the needs of more than a dozen movies (not only the adaptation of Jules Verne) and computer games.

In Verne’s boat as often he maintains he works also one of the best sports journalists in Poland, Andrzej Kalwa. Finding a photo journalist since only leads to… a number of drawings of the underwater ship, and he, at the end of the season Polish League, announced on Twitter that “left the place of work”, once again illustrating the inside of the circle.

Nautilus in Torun

This room holds up to 16 people to visit, just go down the hall and bar area downstairs. Next to the restaurant is the kitchen.

There is a possibility of renting the hall for special events. All the details provide e-mail or telephone.

We wish you a pleasant stay in the underwater world of Torun!

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